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|A Rocky Beginning…

I’m going to start off explaining the awakening of the Xin Dragon’s onto the Solana blockchain… This project was in the hands of someone who wanted to release the project for a cheap price of 0.1 ◎ with a collection size of 887, as the project minted out and the project came to life, the original owner made the conscious decision to announce that he was not willing to commit the time to make the Xin Dragon’s flourish. Essentially Xin Dragons was going to be another collection that caught dust and sat in everyone’s rug wallets. However, this is where The GentleMonke & Hal (current Father Dragons) decided to take charge of ensuring that these dragons had a home and that the current investors were not left in the dust with uncertainty and regret.

Hal#4473 (left) & The Gentlemonke#6969 (right)

|The Xin Experience

Although I may be biased as I am acquaintances with the project owners, I must say that this is one of the most people-centred Discords that I have been in. The owners constantly like to remind and reiterate that this is a safe space for anyone to do well. The server has an artist’s and a developer’s corner where creatives and talents can bounce ideas off of. There is a space for NFT alpha where there are in-depth write-ups of projects to possibly invest in, with a goal to help bring all the information into one place to essentially aid in making better investment decisions. One of the more recent and more prominent benefits so far is the fact that there has been an influx of white-listing opportunities into upcoming mints which adds value to itself. At the end of the day, Xin dragons are not a project that try to focus on the floor price every day but rather try to build upon it’s already strong foundations. Their vision is to create an experience for everyone and anyone by creating a safe environment for people to thrive in. At the end of the day, some people want DAO’s that simply only provide alpha (and there is nothing wrong with that) but at Xin Dragon they really do push for a community-first mindset. The Gentlemonke also doxxed himself recently as well for the community to feel a bit more at-ease with their investment.

Hal just being a real one


The original founder had left the project behind and handed over the rights to the Discord and the Treasury wallets of the project to the new owners. After the dust had settled from the previous owner leaving the project behind, Hal and The Gentlemonke started to make their steps towards breathing new life into these Xin Dragon’s allowing them to fly again. A true rebirth story that I can personally say that I was proud to witness!

These two started to work towards building the Discord channel and establishing that the project was here to truly stay around. They immediately onboarded moderators to help manage the influx of discord traffic in preparation for the actualisation of the next leg in the journey. The original artist of the Xin Dragon’s was re-hired to work on the release of the next collection…

|Baby Xin Dragons

The announcement of the Baby Dragon’s was where the project kicked into full gear, the team was constantly working on establishing partnerships within multiple DAO’s of established and respected projects in the Solana ecosystem. These partnerships were mainly focused at bringing attention to the fact that Xin Dragon’s was innovating and ready to unleash these cute Baby Dragons. These DAO’s that had accepted to join Xin Dragon’s were given white-list opportunities for the eventual release of the Baby Xin’s.

Baby Xin Dragon art sneak-peeks

|Baby Xin Mint Information

Total Supply: 2,661 (Triple the supply of Adult Xin Dragons)
Mint Cost: 0.69 SOL = 210 $XIN
Mint Time: 21:00 UTC (WL) || 21:30 UTC (Public)
Date: 5rd Feb, 2022

By minting a Baby Xin Dragon, you will be able to access the next stage in the Xin Dragon journey. If you want a reason for minting these, I can tell you that The Gentlemonke ran the trait pairings through multiple times until he was satisfied with all the combinations that were available. So there is the cute baby dragon profile pictures that you have but the main utility of these Baby Xin Dragons are to farm $XIN tokens. The current tokenomics have not been revealed on the “staking” mechanism, however there is a way to multiply the earning of $XIN tokens. By owning a First Generation Xin Dragon (887 Supply) you essentially boost the $XIN output when paired with a Baby Xin Dragon. This multiplies higher when own more Baby Xin Dragons in the same wallet. The aim is to accumulate as many $XIN tokens that will be later used in a “vending machine” that utilises only $XIN tokens to mint some Xin Dragon Balls. An added feature that values the First Generation Xin Dragons will be the royalty earnings. Once the Baby Xin Dragons find their way onto the secondary marketplace, 50% of the royalty tax will be distributed to First Generation Xin Dragon holders.

|The Journey Ahead…

The Baby Xin Dragon’s will be the catalyst to bring some new life into the project as well as to increase the number of members into the DAO. Original Xin Dragon holders stand to gain value from the royalty sales from the Baby Xin dragons. With $XIN token accumulation, holders will be able to use the vending machine to pull a total of 7 dragon balls which will used for evolving a First Generation Xin Dragon into a Super Xin Dragon which will grant you 100% royalty earnings from secondary sales. After the Super Xin Dragon phase, your wallet will be marked as a “Fused Wallets” where every sale that is made, 100% of the royalties made from the Super Dragon that you own will be paid into that wallet each time that Super Dragon is sold onto the market.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am excited to be apart of this journey. I was apart of the discord when the new owners took control of the project and watched it evolve to what it is now. The community has grown strong, there are plenty of activities that are run everyday and the developers and moderators continue to innovate on the project to make it a whole project. The Xin Dragon’s have come a long way from it’s First Generation, but they have only just begun with a lot of things planned for the future. A transparent and well thought-out roadmap with $XIN token accumulation being the true catalyst for the roadmap to work out.

Flip/Hold: I am personally apart of this project so I would like to hold and accumulate as many $XIN tokens as possible, because I have seen the art work of the Super Xin Dragons and I do not want to miss out on it. It is always healthy to take some profit, but with the roadmap heavily focused on future implementations of $XIN tokens, I plan to hold my Xin Dragons. The royalties from secondary sales of the Baby Xin Dragons are a great feature to even own a First Generation Xin Dragon.

I hope to see you in Xin Dragons because this journey is only just getting started!



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