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Groovy Enzio 🍉
8 min readFeb 10, 2022


Total Supply: 3,333 [Presale: 1,554 ||2 Presales: 777 x 2|| Public: 1,779]
Mint Cost:
Pre-sale 1 (Minted): 1.5 ◎|| Pre-sale 2: 2 ◎ || Public: 3 ◎
Mint Time/Date:
Presale 2: 11th Feb || Public: TBA

In this new era of the internet (web3) we have stumbled across the world of NFT’s, and so far on our journey we have seen projects deliver utility, create thriving communities and create collections for the pure focus on art. Staking platforms have been created for NFT’s such as the Psy Network and Honey Defi to accumulate tokens, however there has been a focus that has been quite neglected, which is the art. In the grind to make money the art is neglected quite often as many people’s intentions are to try to make some money as fast as possible (rightfully so) by selling the artwork and it’s potential to a new buyer. There has been a steady rise in the demand for artists that create 1/1 artworks for people that appreciate art and this sort of news is quite refreshing to hear especially in a space where artwork is the forefront of the product’s representation but is not everyone’s main focus. Particles NFT (Particles) aims to break this barrier and create a project that combines staking with the acquisition of 1/1 art pieces that are bought into their Vault of unique art pieces from reputable artists.

Sleezy Bees Artwork

| The History

Particles started their Discord server on the 28th of October, 2021 as something quite different to where they are today. They originally intended to create a 5,555 supply generative art called “Sleezy Bees” with their goal of being ‘…on a mission to discover the most talented NFT artists in the world.’ Shortly after, releasing this announcement, they released a fully-functioning 3D museum called “The Hive” where users can walk around in their beautifully crafted metaverse museum which show cases the art-work that they have acquired along their journey. You can check it out for yourself here and appreciate the art for yourself and also notice some reputable names on the roster. The Hive Museum works as a hub where users can visit the artist’s Holaplex store which brings exposure of the artist’s work and also makes it easy for art-lovers to find the artist’s work easily. As Sleezy Bees was launched, the developers realised that there was a problem with releasing this collection with their intended vision so they eventually shut this project down on the 13th of January 2022. This decision was based purely on the fact that it distracted the audience from their true intentions as it was simply seen as another generative art project.

Sleezy Bees were sent to the Solana NFT graveyard and it was reborn as Particles NFT.

Particles NFT

| Present Day…

The team realigned their focus and pushed forward with their original concept under it’s new name Particles. They did not remove The Hive — Museum and it is still accessible to this day so this concept is still going to be used for their current roadmap as this part of their history does fit in with their current vision.

Particles will be the first fractionalised art DAO on the Solana Blockchain and they have already collected artwork from artists from the top 1/1 artists in the space such as John Le and Voxel Monkes. This leader board that rank the top artists can be seen on their utility website which was created through the official partnership with Holaplex in order to gain access to index the data directly into their website. Their main developer has travelled to the Seattle Hacker House with the Holaplex, Metaplex and Bridgesplit to iron out the exact tokenomics for the fractionalisation of the 1/1 art works as well as the staking for the liquidity pool.


| Staking & Tokenomics

As mentioned above, their tokenomics have not been finalised yet since they are still being ironed-out with those teams, so I will update this when it has been confirmed.

This information has been quoted directly from the Particles NFT server.

33.3% from every mint goes into a community wallet that buys 1/1 NFTs. The community will vote on which 1/1s we purchase and fractionalize to holders. A token backed by the value of our vault will be created and distributed to staked Particles. 50% of secondary royalties will continue to fund the community wallet into the future. Holders will have voting rights over the vault’s total assets.

The token that will be given to holders is called the $OOO (One of One) tokens which will accumulate through staking your Particle NFT. With the aforementioned tokenomics this can be used to roughly calculate the amount of money that will be injected into the Liquidity Pool when the token is eventually listed on a DEX. $OOO token holders can decide to sell these for the $USDC value per token as well as using the accumulated tokens from staking to purchase or bid on an artwork that is in their vault. The unconfirmed timeline for staking to become available is projected to release in 2–3 weeks.

Previously, it was mentioned that Particles would be officially partnering with Bridgesplit and the purpose of this partnership is for them to fractionalise the artworks that have been purchased by Particles and sending the fractionalised token of that artwork to each Particle NFT holder. Holding 2 Particle NFT’s would give u 2 fractionalised tokens (x Particle NFT = x Fractionalised Token).

| Artist Launchpad

There is an array of launchpad services available now to use such as The Fellowship, Launch My NFT & Monkelabs, but these are all focused on shipping out your typical projects onto the Solana ecosystem. Particles wants to be selective in who they on-board and want to focus on providing a launchpad to 1/1 artists to deploy their work as well as providing educational sources in order to assist them to build their following on Solana. Particle NFT holders will receive alpha on these artist launches but in the meantime, the team will be striving towards open-sourcing their code.

An additional perk to Particles holders are that a portion of the sales of these 1/1 arts will be added back into the project’s DAO wallet. This will definitely add to the longevity of the project by having more money to spend on 1/1 arts to store in The Vault as well as having an extra avenue of funding towards the $OOO liquidity pool. The artist’s launchpad could potentially be a great tool to bring a new Boogles-level type of project out from hiding. A major take-away from this point is that if a well-renowned artist decides to release a project with a supply of let’s say 1,000 NFTs, this could help further the project’s impact on the space and strengthen the DAO treasury.


There is an ambitious journey set here and it seems like the team does have a strong backing of supporters. To see Holaplex, Metaplex and Bridgesplit working with the Particles team, could be the catalyst that elevates the Solana blockchain into a more positive art-centric focus. They want to work on updating the Data Analytic tools ( There may be a partnership with Hello Moon) which may elevate the indexing capabilities further as they work with the Solana blockchain in a grander scale compared to Holaplex. They plan to reveal all the holdings inside The Vault for the holders and will most likely be showcased in the Virtual 3D Museum. The roadmap indicates that there is a surprise artwork in The Vault holdings which could hint at a 1/1 blue chip. The Particle NFT also wants to boost their exposure by having an appearance at the LA Auction Party featuring the Paragon Art Agency as well as the C3 Collective. This will be tied in with bringing in partnerships to help promote and bring a larger audience to 1/1 artists and their work. As seen in their February Catalogue, there is a greatly designed summary of the top artists, their work and some analytics on their sales. The team intends to update these catalogues monthly and increase the number of featured artists to the Top 50.

| Closing Opinions

I am personally interested in this project as I believe it defines the NFT space really well in a wholesome way as it promotes the strengthening of the Solana NFT community. Solana is still building it’s foundations and a project that is focusing on an art-centric approach is definitely a breath of fresh air. They seem to be a competent and responsible team as they have laid some strong foundations for their project and also displayed that they are genuinely focused on talented artists. This was seen by them discontinuing their first project “Sleezy Bees” for the sake of keeping their vision true to it’s core belief.

Flip/Hold: This project may have the potential to be a flip, however I personally think that holding this project in the long term maybe stand to benefit you. With staking on the way and features being given to you on the way, this may be the type of project that continues to evolve and strengthen as their portfolio builds. Staking — Launchpad — Fractionalisation of 1/1’s — Competent Devs… These reasons are why I will HODL this project. This may even be a play on the secondary market to grab one cheaper, however people are paying a premium price of 3 SOL to mint for public, so keep this in mind. If this does pump I might sell, however I will definitely find my way back in on the come-down. I look for unique projects and this seems to fit the bill.

If you made it this far…thank you for taking the time to read through!

— Yours sincerely, Groovy Enzio🍉

Disclaimer: I agreed to do this article to receive Whitelist for the project and also to acquire some Whitelist spots for the DAO that I moderate in (Xin Dragons). Most importantly though, I am genuinely interested in this project!

This is NEVER financial advise, but I do hope that I’ve cleared some things up for you if you decide to buy into this project!



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