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Total Supply: 5,555 (Full Whitelist)+ 345 (saved for community & team)
Mint Cost: 2.5 SOL (Whitelist) || 3 SOL (Public mints remaining supply)
Mint Time: 6:00 PM EST — 8:14 PM(WL) || 8:15 PM (Public)
Date: 3rd Feb, 22
Utility Release Date: App Beta-testing post mint

Message Party is a project that takes it’s aim at creating a messaging application that is integrated into web3. The integration of pre-existing messaging apps into this ecosystem is a great opportunity to connect the already established userbase together. As it stands currently, there are two main forms of communication in the NFT space which are Discord and Telegram, however none of these two programs have tied themselves to the Solana space itself. Their reasoning for beginning the project in Solana is due to the fact that the barrier of entry is not as daunting compared to releasing on a chain such as Ethereum. They said that they do plan to be expanding their services into other chains which definitely gives it longevity and increased potential for growth.

It is too early to say that this project can replace the currently existing messaging services, but it seems to be striving to make a mark in the space. Being to express yourself in a text chat is important and we see this currently in current messaging services where users are seen reacting to comments with their favourite emojis and throwing out random stickers. Message Party aims to create stickers and emojis that are attached to your individual NFT’s which add that extra level of personal touch to the utility itself. This does not only extend to stickers and emojis but they are working on delivering 3D avatars, AR filters and “whole new forms of shared expression”.

In their timeline, they aim to leave the Alpha testing stage and proceed to Beta testing post-mint so that the minters (Message Party Founders) will be able to experiment and test the application out. Holders will be rewarded with a Experimental Expression Pack and this continues into the future where they will also be airdropped the official Genesis Expression Packs. As Message Party follows into the Q2–2022, they aim to release their Mobile application and shortly after release their first collaboration with Jungle Cats. They plan to continue expanding on further community access events which may get onboarded during the course of the Beta testing period. This inclusion of multiple projects will truly bring out the community aspect in this well-established ecosystem in Solana and will only consolidate NFT holders together. As this project moves into cross-chain territory, this will only bring more people together, which is something I personally think this NFT space is superior for.

To help everyone express themselves the way they want, we needed to start with our own identity. Enter Verse and Buddy. Verse is programmed to do one thing — to travel the web3 universe delivering a new communication system called Buddy to all of its inhabitants. Verse and Buddy won’t stop their journey until everyone has the technology to communicate the way they want — the web3 way.

As Verse and Buddy travel the universe and interact with amazing web3 communities, they can’t help but pick up lots of traits and customs from the incredible communities they visit. We’ve integrated many of those expressions into our Founder’s Edition NFT Expression Packs and we have lots more planned.
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In conclusion, I am predicting this to do well based on the fact that they are truly aiming to be innovators and builders in this space. Too many projects are made with the same old utility but there is no longevity or imprint left behind. Message Party wants to enter this party of messaging applications with the a logical twist to it. If this app really does transform into a beast that caters directly towards the NFT community and it’s needs, then there is a great chance that this will surpass messaging apps like Telegram easily as it builds on more than simple message, but who knows… Imagine one day Message Party becomes the app to use for NFT instead of Discord. Although they are currently aiming to bring out a fully-functioning and clean application, what I personally see is that this could be a serious competitor as it is early to the party. At the end of the day, I am a Party Starter. I root for projects that strive to do better and I am happy to invest my money into a project with well-defined goals with a future to improve on itself with the use of beta-testing. If the userbase gives feedback it simply means that the developers can assess and adjust to cater for user experience. You aren’t in free-fall after you buy this NFT, their app will continue to work on itself in the name of connecting web3 users together.

Flip or Hold: I personally like the project because it aims to be something different. A lot of other projects have built upon the idea of creating a clean experience to view your NFT’s in a gallery but this is a truly unique project. I am glad to see this app is minting very soon and will personally grab one for myself. In terms of flipping or holding, I will assess the price action on the secondary market and sell it if it reaches a high value, but I will definitely buy back in if the price drops.



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