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Total Supply: 5,555
Mint Cost: 0.99 SOL
Mint Time/Date: 8:20 PM UTC || 27th Jan, 21
Game Release Date: TBA (~Q4, 2022)

Catch King is a P2E multiplayer game on the SOLANA Network that rewards players for completing dungeon runs in order to receive their in-game token $CatchCoin ($CC). P2E games are being continuously added to the roster in SOL and will only continue to grow in demand. The games released into the ecosystem early are a great opportunity to take advantage of the current hype, and Catch King seems to be fit the bill. They state that you do not require the NFT to play Catch King as well so there is an appeal for people to grind this game without an entry cost either.

Holding a Catch King NFT entitles you to the in-game skin, passive income of their token $CC, early access to new content, Discord holder chat and future airdrops. Holding a Catch King Explorer will allow the player to enter into the dungeons and the appeal of these dungeons are the fact that you will be able to stake rewards that are found in these raids which will allow you to earn more $CC. The appeal for “Access to new content” will be the ability to farm these items in dungeon raids earlier before the public which enable you to stake new items earlier which will give you an edge over your competition. The aim is to play and earn, so you will receive in-game items such as Fish, Hatchable Eggs, Paintings & Craftable Materials. These items do not need to be staked if you intend to use them as these will aid you in your consequent dungeon runs. The importance here is to find a balance, play the game enough to earn enough items to make your dungeon runs easier whilst staking your rewards so that your $CC output can grow.

Although this game is Free-to-play for the public, it must be noted that $CC is required to participate in Dungeons to receive rewards with value on the market, however it is not required and a player can simply just play the game for fun without any monetary gain. There will be two types of dungeons to choose from, Exploration and Harvest Dungeons. Exploration Dungeons sare combat-focused with the use of learning the enemy’s attack patterns and skill to outmanoeuvre the opponent to gain rewards. The developers describe these dungeons as “high-risk, high-reward”, so if you are a player who actively participates in the game, then this mode will be your best friend for farming loot and in turn gaining more $CC. If you find yourself as a more passive player with limited time, Harvest Dungeons will be your space to upgrade your character. You will be participating in minigames such as mining, fishing, digging and shaking trees which will give you resources to directly improve your skills and acquire items to upgrade your Explorer’s tools.

Catch King Pet Eggs

Another utility for $CC will be to hatch these eggs that can spawn a companion pet for your Explorer. These pets can be entered into a duel, which level up your pets and also reward you in $CC for entering “Wagered Duels”, where it acts as a coin-flip mechanic paid out to the winner as a 50–50 chance. In an instance where a player decides to enter variables to the duel where skill will be taken into account it will enable to odds to increase of the most “skilled” player. If you are talented at the game, this is a great way to farm some $CC without having to go into dungeon raids as often. Boss eggs may also be dropped from Exploration Dungeons with an Ultra-rare chance of being found, which makes these dungeons come out on top as the fastest earners for $CC.

There is a slew of information outlined in their WHITEPAPER, so this is a great read if you are serious about understanding the game’s features as well as their Tokenomics. Currently, as the game will not be released instantly after their NFT release, there is the ability to send your Explorer on “Timed Expeditions” where your character can be “staked” to bring some passive $CC as well as some items for use in the game. If you plan on playing this game, it will be worth it to stake it and gain a head start when the game is released.

Infographic on Catch King

In conclusion, I am quite bullish on this game as I am personally a fan of Role Playing Games and on top of this, the team seems to be quite trust-worthy as well. They left a great entry fee of 0.99 SOL as well so there is a definite appeal for me to jump in enjoy the rewards. As always, DYOR and this is NEVER financial advise.

Flip or Hold: I think early on you may be able to turn a profit on these, but as they announced that your characters can be staked for “Time Expeditions” (feature released in 2–4 months) early on, there may be an influx of Catch King Explorers taken off the secondary market and instead generating their native token, $CatchCoin. Personally if I am lucky enough to grab one of the secondary market, I will HOLD, but if I see the floor move up, I might sell as the high supply (5,555) may entice more holders to turn a profit to cover costs. In addition to this, I may sell this early on as it seems that the team is working to deliver a perfect game and will release much later on (Q4,2022).



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